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Winter Blues – Strategies to Combat it


Now that Autumn is well and truly here with Winter in the not too distant future, I’d really like to discuss a common occurrence with many people during this time of year: the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as it is sometimes referred to – yes, the acronym is quite ironic 😉.

McCrindle Research (2015) conducted a study of 1005 people in Australia on their sleeping, eating and social patterns in winter compared to other seasons.  I’ve attached the Research Paper for your information.  Not surprisingly they discovered that in winter it is common for people to over sleep (55%), over eat (47%) and become less social (42%).

So what can we do, knowing that this is a common occurrence?  Firstly, if your symptoms of depression and lethargy are significant, please consult your GP.  My suggestions are for when the effects are less severe.

Firstly, acknowledge that when it starts to get colder and is wet it is perfectly normal to want to stay inside where you are warm and dry. Sometimes there is nothing better on a cold and wet day than snuggled up in bed, all toasty warm, with a hot cuppa and a good book.  Unfortunately, we can’t spend ALL winter there!  What can we do?  Here are some examples:

  • Use this time to super charge your goals and internal work ready for when you want to be out and about! My new “RENEW You! Love your life program” is perfect for this.  Go to my Coaching Program tab to check it out.
  • Take up a new hobby that gets you moving – salsa dancing anyone 😉?
  • If you don’t want to go out, consider inviting others over to visit you. They may be keen and then you get to socialise too! Board games are fantastic for this.
  • Use this time to embark on some study of interest or a new fitness regime.
  • The list is endless!

So, my question to you is what is holding you back?  Here is an apt quote that I read today that I’d like to share with you:

“I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is you want to accomplish.” – Chuck Norris

Until next week,

Bianca xx

Team Building – why bother?

Hi everyone!
I’ve spent three days this past week volunteering at an International horse event as part of a Stewarding team. This of course has had me  reflecting on the topic of team building. Is it a case of why bother, or is it something important? What do you think?
Teams come in all shapes and sizes, with the critical part being the ability for maximum output when they are functioning well. So, how can we improve the likelihood of a well functioning team?
Over 2350 years ago, Aristotle introduced us to the principle of Synergy with his statement “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  To understand synergy is to acknowledge that a dynamic team, is something more than the individuals in the group.
So how do we foster the environment for dynamic teams to develop? Structured team building activities are one way to do this.  The activities should promote the development of trust, strategic problem solving and support amongst other things. Another way is to encourage and recognise the unique skills, abilities and gifts that each person brings to the team.
I could write a whole essay on the benefits to businesses by having strong, dynamic and high performing teams. Why not consider how your business, sporting group, school or organisation could improve their service delivery through fostering team development.
Until next week – keep pushing those boundaries and expanding your comfort zone.