Machinery of Government (MoG) processes and Corporate restructuring seems to be occurring with ever increasing regularity. Unfortunately, the ability of a workforce to positively cope with the growing uncertainty, changes in roles and possible redundancies has not correspondingly increased.

This has the potential to create workplaces with high levels of anxiety, fear and apprehension about the future while also coupled with the requirement to continue to deliver a service / product and positively represent the employer.

There is another way to proactively navigate MoG or Corporate restructuring while still maintaining service delivery standards. In the 21 years that I worked for the Commonwealth Government, I was impacted by 4 separate MoG’s.

The uncertainty in the workplace was extensive and fuelled by every new rumour about what was happening. As you can well appreciate, this did not lead to positive workplaces.

Transformational Coaching in the workplace is a proactive approach to building resilience to change within the organisation. The very nature of coaching is that it is future focused, goal oriented and holistic with each individual finding the answers themselves rather than seeking this from an external source.

Packages can be arranged around your organisation’s specific needs and can be done individually, in groups or as a combination of both. Contact me today to discuss!

Our confidential Coaching sessions can be run in a variety of ways.

All are one hour per session, with group sessions being a fantastic way for friends, work colleagues or clubs to trying coaching together. Why not try one of our packages to get the best value for money! All prices are GST inclusive:


In any organisation or business, a strong cohesive team is crucial to achieving maximum performance output. Jon Wade sums the benefits up beautifully in his 2015 article “5 Benefits of Organising a Team Building Day for your Employees”

His points are:

  • Improves team work
  • Improves leadership
  • Improves time management
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Improves problem solving skills

Considering all the incredible benefits, any proactive and conscientious business or department would be offering unique team building activities for their workforce. That’s where we excel! In conjunction with my other business, Empowerment 4 Riders, we offer team building packages tailored to your needs. We currently have two team building packages, fully covered by insurance and all equipment provided. No previous skills are required and can be modified to accommodate people:



Channel the inner warrior or amazon of each of your staff members to create a strong cohesive team. Utilising a ground version of various historical mounted martial archery skills and techniques to relight your inner fire and team spirit.



Awaken the warrior in you by taking it to the next level! This package includes all of what is in the Gold package, but now it gets REALLY interesting.

The skills you learned are transferred to horse back to take it to the next level. This is where you can connect with the power and skill of ancient warriors such as the Mongols, Samuri, Scythians and American First Nation people just to name a few.

Appreciate the skill, tactics and insights gained by shooting from a moving platform (the horse) and work together to achieve the set challenges and tasks that increase in difficulty. No prior riding experience is required.

Just bring along a sense of fun and willingness to give it a go!Packages can be arranged around your organisation’s specific needs and can be done in small or large groups. Contact me today to discuss!